"..science fiction is something that could happen - but usually you wouldn't want it to. Fantasy is something that couldn't happen - though often you only wish that it could." – Arthur C. Clarke

Never confuse the impossible with the improbable

There is science-fiction and there is fantasy. At DigitID we tend to look at fantasy through the filter of science fiction and try and merge the two world views together. We strive to push the envelope of “couldn’t happen” to “is happening”. Engineers  (from premier institutes called IIT) with creativity and imagination is a tough act to keep up, but we are constantly balancing and developing imagination with reality giving DigitID an almost “prescient” feel of where the industry is going and what is required.. It was therefore, almost expected that the cutting edge use of biometrics be the area of the founders to focus on, starting from the humble finger prints to the eye and face.

It is almost predictable that this team could set up a company specialising in high-speed recognition software for convenient, fast and interruption free interactions using biometrics; starting from the humble finger prints to the eye. This helps provide solutions that are known for accuracy, speed and interoperability. 

Welcome and explore our various software under CoolAlgo and our products under Tortuga. Our algorithms find inspiration in the Prims algorithm, delivering the maximum effect using minimum resources. Our hardware is specially designed to deal with newer requirements while considering various constraints and limitations.

Our Vision 

“You Are The Key ®” to your secure world. 
We see a world sans passwords and PINs; with your biometric uniqueness being the key to secure your world of digital transactions. 

Our vision therefore, is to liberate people from archaic and vulnerable authentication systems by developing cutting edge intellectual property in biometric security, hardware design and software core securing the last mile.


Enable “You Are The Key” to authenticate your transactions, current focus being your fingerprints and your eyes

Become a key player in securing the last mile in Aadhaar enabled authentications and transactions.

Empower people and organizations to use their personal biometrics seamlessly for access and transactions