From an Idea conceived in April 2017, worked on individually by the core team using personal funds, it has taken the shape of DigitID Technologies Private Limited formally incorporatedin October

DigitID Technologies Private Limited is a startup IT Innovation Company focused on high performance and accuratebiometric recognition algorithms with a focus on Digital IDentity. You Are The Key is DigitID’s vision and its products would be centered around vision.  

DigitID has been recognized by the govt of india program STARTUP INDIA for the innovation and core technology development initiatives that DIgitID brings to India and beyond.

DigitID Technologies specialises in high-speed recognition software and hardware for convenient, fast and interruption free interactions using biometrics; starting from the humble finger prints to the eye and face.

It has been set up by highly qualified and experienced technology professionals from premier institutions like the IITs, giving DigitID an almost “prescient” feel of where the industry is going and what is required. This helps provide solutions that are known for accuracy, speed and interoperability. Welcome and explore our various software under CoolAlgo and our products under Tortuga. DigitID's algorithms find inspiration in the Prims algorithm, delivering the maximum effect using minimum resources. Our hardware is specially designed to deal with environment and usage constraints and limitations.