Fingerprints are important because they are unique to an individual. They remain unchanged during the individual’s lifetime. Every day, people from all over the world use facial or fingerprint recognition to unlock phones and log in to apps and games. They also want to be tagged in friends’ photos, enabled by identification algorithms used by Facebook and Google.

 From employee IDs to national IDs, to digital and airport security, biometric identification and authentication are proliferating. The biometric signatures of a person characterize their physiological or behavioural characteristics. One of the most recognized biometric data is the humble fingerprint.

CoolAlgo Fingerprint Extractor (FPE)

Our CoolAlgo FingerPrint Extractor (CoolAlgo FPE) extracts defective fingerprints and codifies them effectively. It minimizes the False Rejection Rate (FRR) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR). It is quick, economical, strengthens security and enhances citizens’ experience. CoolAlgo’s algorithm uses contextual filters and enhances images impeccably without altering the print. It achieves DET (Detection Error Trade-off) curve accuracy by reducing redundant pixels. The result is reduced noise and effective compression of the image. CoolAlgo delivers enhanced performance using advanced statistical analytical techniques. Its use of cross-spectral density and gradient maps maintains reliability. It also maximizes minutiae extract using granulation technique and enhances the fingerprint orientation map. CoolAlgo’s accuracy and sensitivity reduces fingerprint spoofing attacks. It is compliant with a range of fingerprint sensors at different resolutions. CoolAlgo can also function in a range of environments and over many platforms. It is near-complete and is undergoing internal testing. It is ready for certification for worldwide use. CoolAlgo will be ready for use over all STQC-certified sensor devices. CoolAlgo FPE is on course to achieve Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III compliance which is an internationally accredited test of fingerprint templates extractors. The test is used to establish compliance of template generators and template matchers for the U.S. Government's Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program.

At DigitID we have written the Fingerprint Extractor Algorithm. This algorithm is platform neutral and OS independent; as it uses

·      No libraries

·      No dependencies

The images below show the original scanned print, which is then converted to digital form; then further converted to a thinned image and the minutiae points identified for extraction. This set of minutiae points will constitute a unique identity

Image of Fingerprint     

Digitised Fingerprinted

Thinned FP; seen with Minutiae

CoolAlgo Fingerprint Sensor (FPS)

Fingerprint matching is done based on templates. The primary objective for verification is speed and performance. Research and development is in progress. Time frame for commercial readiness is June 2020.

CoolAlgo Fingerprint Matcher (FPM)

Research and development is in progress. Time frame for commercial readiness is Q3-Q4 2020.

Our Future Biometrics

Our ability to develop highly secure biometric-enabled credit and debit cards within the Indian RuPay ecosystem will reduce dependency on foreign systems. It will provide Indian customers with increased security and safety in their credit and debit card transactions.

We will also be offering alternative biometrics to develop secure ecosystems.