DigitID offers a suite of biometric sensors / devices for – for secure authentication at the last mile. The first release of phase-1, is the fingerprint extractor  device: to capture, encrypt and check identity against the Aadhaar dataset

Our design philosophy is to achieve maximum effect with minimum resource utilization; is inspired by the “Prim’s Algorithm”: a greedy computer science program, which enables a minimum spanning tree for a weighted undirected graph

Product Suite

Biometric authentication is the evolving frontier. Biometrics as  fingerprint IDs, iris scanning, and facial recognition are in the forefront of creation of identity authentication eco-systems. These range from enable financial transactions eg banking, payment systems and retail transactions. Biometrics are also impacting engagement of the individual with the government eg Voting, Border Control (immigration), Traffic Control, Forensics for police work, Govt subsidy disbursements, , and civil identity.

Biometrics are human physiological; and in some cases behavioural,  characteristics. With passage of time some of these are liable to decay. Some may be affected by environmental conditions and some fade away on account of daily work. This , poses a challenge in matching theses biometrics against the standard reference maintained for authenticating identity. This complexity in extraction of the current  and matching against a stored templates needs to be handled. DigitID has created special techniques and algorithms to address these situations. .

CoolAlgo is the sum of all our software solutions, i.e. the algorithms for Biometric authentication are designed to deliver accurate, high performance & cost-effective IT solutions and innovative products the internet driven marketplace

Minimum is the Maximum is the guiding philosophy of CoolAlgo algorithms

It is a complete Made in India Intellectual Property

It is inspired by landmark Prim's algorithm. Prim's (also known as Jarník's) algorithm is a greedy algorithm that finds a minimum spanning tree for a weighted undirected graph

Available for high end , and even low end processor/MCU platforms with low RAM situation

With our constantly innovating approach, we have evolving algorithms for Fingerprint,  Iris, Face & and will keep evolving on methods of authentication

Our current focus is on the Indian Aadhaar driven transaction market.

While the software needs to be innovative, the support of appropriate hardware is key for all round success. Tortuga (Spanish for turtle) is inspired by the mythical giant tortoise that carried the load of the entire world. Tortuga is our suite of biometric sensors / devices powered by our CoolAlgo Algorithms (secure foundation for the last mile). We are starting with the humble fingerprint & over time, will move to Iris, Face and more. In Tortuga products aesthetics are as seen from customer’s viewpoint. They are best in class optical and capacitive STQC compliant sensors.